Eloqua Asset Naming Assistant

Simplifiy naming governance in Eloqua

Eloqua Salesforce External Segmentation

Access Salesforce information from Campaign Canvas without syncing to Eloqua

Eloqua MSCRM External Segmentation

Direct access to your MSCRM data from Campaign Canvas without syncing with Eloqua

Eloqua AEM Integration

Easily add and remove gated assets located in AEM directly from your Eloqua form.

Eloqua Transporter

Easily move any object—even an entire campaign, from one instance of Eloqua to another.

Asset Version Control

Allows marketers to revert to a previous version of an asset through integration with version control systems, and provides details on what has changed within an asset.

Dynamic Javascript Library

Allows organizations to maintain a single, complete code base while applying JS directly to any number of landing pages.

Dynamic Form Translations

Build a form in one language and apply different languages to it without the need to maintain multiple forms per language.